d-Analyzer™ for Excel


d-Analyzer™ for Excel is a report writer and custom analytical tool that takes you from raw Excel row/column data to analysis with minimal effort - whether it's data from a simple spreadsheet, your accounting system, or any other source.

In addition to making the advanced features of Excel easy to use, d-Analyzer for Excel allows you to perform all kinds of useful queries and summaries extremely well. And, with the introduction of a number of automated field and summary types, d-Analyzer for Excel allows you to decide what you want in your reports and-more than that-to experiment with your data and answer important questions that classic reports simply do not

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  • Intuitive, easy to use - no programming or technical knowledge required to create an unlimited array of custom reports
  • Save time and costs - generate new powerful and timely reports in seconds
  • Identify growth areas and other trends in your Excel data – then drill down to understand and maximize opportunities
  • Gives you accurate, timely data providing quicker more efficient decision making
  • Have the ability to mine, view and organize your Excel files any way you like with ease
  • Data Analytic tool that turns your Excel spreadsheet into knowledge
  • Stay ahead of the curve by revealing previously unknown trends
  • An extremely flexible “what if, what about” analysis tool


  • Create reports in seconds then dynamically change them on the fly without creating or running a new report
  • Design Powerful Custom Inquiry Screens that can be Sorted and Filtered as desired
  • Save your custom report design so it can be called upon at anytime
  • Dynamic Cross-Tab, Pivot and Graph Reports with powerful drill down capabilities
  • Impressive unlimited Filtering Capabilities
  • Powerful grouping, sorting, emailing and exporting capabilities
  • Comparative analysis data by any period - day, week, month, quarter, year, year-to-date, and user-defined
  • Easy installation and set-up. No additional programs or drivers required
  • Full support for multi-user environments. (d-Analyzer for Excel is licensed per workstation)