d-Analyzer for BusinessVision


d-Analyzer™ is a report writer, analysis tool and so much more. This extremely flexible analytics tool enables users to truly understand their business and analyze their data like never before. With a focus on ease of use, users can create fast, dynamic reports in seconds and perform instant “what about” and “what if” analysis on-the-fly. Easily, simply, dynamically, comparatively and graphically – this tool does it all!


  • Intuitive, easy to use - no programming or technical knowledge required to create an unlimited array of custom reports
  • Easily generate new powerful and timely BusinessVision reports in seconds, saving hours of mind-numbing report running and number-crunching
  • Help drive new revenue and enhance your decision-making capabilities using accurate and timely data
  • Untap hidden potential and drive new revenue by easily identifying growth areas - then drill down to understand and maximize opportunities
  • Stay ahead of the curve by revealing previously unknown trends
  • Effectively lower costs by establishing intelligent buying habits and better inventory management.
  • Easily determine what needs to be ordered and when, negotiate better pricing, and learn the true cost of purchased items
  • Try out different scenarios, and easily identify errors and anomalies to effectively correct any problem areas using this extremely flexible “what if, what about“ analysis tool
  • Turn your data into knowledge - mine, view and organize your data any way you like with ease
  • Stop relying on guesswork and use your real data to get the answers you need in an instant!

Feature List

  • Create BusinessVision sales, purchase and inventory reports in seconds, then dynamically change them on-the-fly without creating or running new reports
  • Design powerful Custom Inquiry Screens that can be sorted and filtered as desired
  • Save your custom report design so that it can be called upon at anytime, or start with preloaded templates to build to your own specifications
  • Run dynamic Cross-Tab, Pivot and Graph reports, with powerful drill-down capabilities
  • Analyze Sales History, Sales Order, Purchase History, Purchase Order and Inventory data
  • Take advantage of impressive filtering, grouping, sorting, emailing and exporting capabilities
  • Conduct comparative analysis of data by any period - day, week, month, quarter, year, year-to-date, and user-defined
  • Easy installation and set-up. No additional programs or drivers required
  • Available for Sage BusinessVision LE, SBE, Standard or SQL/Client Server editions
  • Full support for multi-user environments. (d-Analyzer is licensed per workstation)